T Shirt Designs

The shirts came out looking great and the class ecstatic about them. It has raised the level of commitment 100% and that is impressive. It is great to see the students take pride in something that is positive. They feel special to be part of this group of 42 and they own it. The fitness levels are rising but I am seeing a change in how they interact with each other and the maturity level is growing. Don't get me wrong, the testosterone level is through the roof and they are predominantly 16-18 year old guys. They still do plenty of stupid stuff but they are growing.
Marijuana is a huge issue at our school. I know that some of the "Buff Class" guys use it but now they have a desire to stop. In the middle of a work out this week a couple of guys said they needed to quit "smoking weed" because it wasn't helping their lungs and made it hard to do the workouts. It is a start and hopefully they will make that change on their own.

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